Discover our pancakes

Lunch is still far away, but you already desire something? This small but very tasty snack will improve your mood and fill you with vital energy.
Big pies are tasty, but we can not eat them in one sitting. They dry, lose their taste and attractiveness. As a result, we throw out not only pies, but also money. But we love diversity so much. So what? Buy a new pie with a new filling every day and do not eat it?
We offer you a solution to this problem! Small, juicy pancakes with different flavors inside. They will raise your mood, diversify your life and nothing will remain uneaten.

Are you in for a treat?
Great, because here’s one for you!
This small piece of heaven is a pancake. And not just any pancake. But a pancake with super soft, mouth-watering bun filled with amazingly fresh Apricot jam. Actually, the kind of pancake that leaves you wondering whether you should grab one more. And you should.

Let’s go bananas with pancakes and bananas.
That’s why we created this mouth-watering pancake with a deliciously fresh banana jam twist. The oh-so-soft bun would be a pure treat just itself, but who ever said no to some banana jam?

She’s my cherry pancake!
Cherry pies are good but still, they are just a lesser version of cherry pancakes. Pancakes have the word cake in them so they ought to be better. At least this one is!

A mouth-wateringly soft bun itself is like a dream, but also fresh cherry jam? YUM! Treat yourself or bring to your friend, all the same – someone gets their sweet tooth satisfied.

Apples can be photographed, brought as a gift, used as a funny logo or eaten.
We prefer eating them. That’s why this perfectly soft pancake is filled with the sweetest of the apple jams in the history of apple jams. You simply can’t go wrong with something like this.

Oh the sweet memories of grandma’s home-made pancakes with strawberry jam on top. Those were the times, right?
We wanted to honor these memories by creating a mouthwateringly soft pancake with strawberry jam filling. Release your inner child, drift down the memory lane or just satisfy your sweet tooth with this gorgeous thing.

Because everyone loves pancakes and chocolate.
As do we. We also love peanut and we thought, what the heck, these delicacies should just form a super-delicious union.
That’s where our Chocolate-peanut pancake comes into play. The soft bun melts on your tongue revealing the sweet peanut-y chocolate filling that satisfies even the sweetest tooth.

Check out our variety of biscuits

The one thing that you can find from probably every coffee table in the world is biscuits. Good biscuits, bad biscuits and boring biscuits.
This biscuit is trying to avoid being any of those. This biscuit wants to be the best biscuit.
A simple crunchy biscuit is a perfect pair for coffee, tea or milk. But a crunchy milk filled and chocolate glazed biscuit is perfect pair for anything and nothing. With a drink or without a drink, it’s up to you.
The chocolate glazing simply melts on your tongue, giving you that sweet you need before the milk filling inside reveals itself after biting the perfectly crunchy biscuit. Not to be boring with options, we also offer just as delicious biscuits with chocolate filling and milk glazing. It’s up to you to choose which way you prefer your glazings and fillings.


With dark glazing
and milk filling
(Thin layer)


With milk glazing
and dark filling
(Thin layer)

dark thick

With dark glazing
and milk filling
(Thick layer)

milk thick

With milk glazing
and dark filling
(Thick layer)

Check out our variety of waffels

Have you ever wondered why waffles are so popular and loved?
It’s the perfect combination of crispy edges and the deliciously soft dough. Starting from these there’s not much that could go wrong. You can add pretty much anything you feel like could make the waffle more delicious. We tried and tried and eventually found out few things that are just waffle-tastic.
Between these crispy but soft waffles lies the heart: the jam. Seriously, is there anything better than a good jam? Right? Anyway, there are four different flavors of jam that we loove to use in our waffles: banana, chocolate, apricot and cherry. All of which are… actually, just try for yourself and see which one makes your love for waffles stronger than ever!

We also have a muffin

This one’s for the choc-a-holics.

Let’s dream for a moment: your sweet tooth’s been aching for a while already and some sweet goodies have been on your mind constantly. What’ll be the help? Something good? Something sweet?
Something sweet and surprising. Something that is so soft that taking a bite of that chocolate dough doesn’t even feel like biting. Something that will surprise you with the perfect tiny chocolate bits after the first bite.
Our muffin could be the answer to your prayers. We wanted to give every chocolate lover the possibility to fall in love on the first bite. Just grab the life by the muffin and well, enjoy!