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Discover the Northern taste of Scandinavian sweetness. Enjoy these cinnamon coated apple chips by yourself, share with others and gift them as a unique souvenir!

Scandinavian piquancy
Red Sour Burst

Immerse yourself into the sweet and sour taste of mouth- watering freshly picked red apples. Make sure you are ready for this blasting wave of flavors and tasty emotions.

Find yourself on the palm- fringed, white sand coast at Bali with the help of the rich taste of coconut and green apples. This crazy mix of flavor is very unpredictable, highly addictive and very refreshing!

Coconut Summer Kiss
Sweet Tooth Passion

Are you addicted to candies and sweets? Then this explosive sensation of sweetness of green apples is just for you. Replace your daily amount of sugar with this yummy healthy snack!